There Is No Such Thing As “The Angry Black Woman”

I’ve noticed a lot that whenever a black woman speaks her mind on the internet or in the public sphere about some social justice issue or a controversial opinion, trolls and even normal people flock in their masses to belittle their opinion. View Post


How To Be Productive and Work Better

Being productive is not something I excel in. I always try to put as little effort into something as I can. I’m basically a lazy sloth. You know those times when you have an assessment due but instead you decide to binge watch House Of Cards, that happens to me far too often. Hello, I’m Whitney and I’m unproductive. Trying to get out of this rut, I’ve got some handy tips on how to be productive and work better and make the most of your time. The key to productivity is focus. You can do it fellow sloth. We can all do it.

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Photos by Kamo K