My name is Whitney, I’m from East London and I am navigating life post-university (trying to anyway). I studied Philosophy and Sociology at university and have always loved writing and researching. I used to blog over at Hype & Genius as a fashion and music writer. Four years later I wanted to write for myself and after multiple failed blog attempts Afro Mermaid has risen through the cyber ashes. 


Afro Mermaid is a wellness, lifestyle and beauty blog. I also write about fashion, mental health, social justice and just general rants and commentary. I want to write about topics which are not so-common, make people think or even make people uncomfortable. Alternative perspective is what I thrive on so stay tuned and have a wander.


I created a little community called Melanin Bloggers. Where representation lacked in the main spaces I wanted there to be somewhere  bloggers of colour could see themselves and represent themselves. I think that diversity is important and not being represented in large spaces is disheartening and problematic. I want writers and bloggers to have somewhere that they could exist and where they could be the star of the show. It’s a growing community and the values of collaboration and empowerment are ingrained. Here’s to the growth and development of this little project.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog and have a little visit of my section on the internet.


Email me or send me a message – afromermaid@yahoo.com