There Is No Such Thing As “The Angry Black Woman”

There Is No Such Thing As “The Angry Black Woman”

I’ve noticed a lot that whenever a black woman speaks her mind on the internet or in the public sphere about some social justice issue or a controversial opinion, trolls and even normal people flock in their masses to belittle their opinion. You often see these “black girls would be mad” comparisons at pictures of white girls with voluptuous bodies, bigger lips or stereotypically black features. Even when black women called out Kylie Jenner for her cultural appropriation, people were quick to label black women as angry and jealous. It is the Angry Black Woman stereotype manifesting. I personally think that if something is problematic it should be called out. Whether you’re white, black, Hispanic or Asian. It’s just when it is a black woman doing the “calling out” (and most times it is, but that’s a different topic) it is normally welcomed with belittlement and a takedown of their personhood.

angry black woman

This stereotype, this illogical troupe of the “Angry Black Woman” is something which I have seen still being perpetuated on the internet. The moment you have something to say, an opinion to share you are an Angry Black Woman. To stereotype us as hostile, as threatening, as aggressive, as angry is completely wrong. Yes you may meet a passionate black woman. Yes you may meet a strong-minded black woman. Yes you make meet an assertive black woman with strong opinions. Society needs to stop associating these qualities as a negative and proclaiming that we are angry.

The angry black woman does not exist. What exists are ignorant people fueling this false stereotype trying to knock down women with opinions. This representation exists in society as a characteristic of black femininity and is not challenged enough. Society needs to change the way they see black women outside of these pre-packaged narratives; we are multi-dimensional.

angry black woman

Anger is an emotion we, just like all other human beings, feel from time to time. When we feel this, our emotions should not be devalued just because we are black. Anger and being “sassy” is not synonymous with being a black woman. We are here and we are not going away. It is our right to speak our mind, we are not angry. It is our right to stand up for ourselves, we are not angry. It is our right to be strong-willed, strong-minded, passionate, intelligent, aware; we are not angry.



  1. September 30, 2017 / 3:07 pm

    I feel it’s safe to say that while a great number of people will be able to sympathize with the words of this entry, only a few will truly be able to understand where your words are coming from. Black I may be – albeit a male, this stereotype of black women is one I have witness throughout my 20+ years. And needless to say it is by no means acceptable, even in this day and age I am surprised it still exists. What a pity.

    To overcome that which we are afraid leaves us with two choices: Face it & destroy it, or, demonize it & watch the world do the work for you.

    This intensity that black women bring when they do choose to speak is perceived as frightening and dangerous, and this is because those who choose to oppose them understand they are opposing the truths, passions, and intelligence that they would otherwise do without. So they choose demonization and mockery, which in our modern day has resulted in stereotypes of black women which are best suited to Hollywood failures by the likes of cheap comedies and Scary Movie: 8, 9, 10+.

    I do hope more people read this entry. It is incredibly important they do so.

  2. January 17, 2018 / 12:16 am

    Hello Whitney, I love this blog. I blog too but mainly about dance and creative arts. Reading your blog has encouraged me to switch it up a notch lol thank you! You are totally right tho…The angry black woman does not exist!!! I am glad you shared this blog that we too are aloud to be 🙂 I am a blogger too. Feel free to check out my blog posts etc and stay blessed Tay

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