Rejuvenate Your Hair With Mammoth Oils: Review

I won a bottle of oil from Mammoth Oils a while back and have been using it for my natural hair. If you have dry hair or hair that is prone to breakage, then using oils in your hair is the best thing that you can do to solve the problems and retain moistures. Natural oils can transform your dull and lifeless hair into luscious, shiny moisturised locks and help in the development and growth of your hair. Different oils can be used for different things; from strengthening to hydrating. Continue reading for my review on Mammoth Oils and how they help me keep my hair moisturised.

mammoth oils
What’s in it?

Mammoth Oils is a blend of a combination of oils and does not have any harmful chemicals in it. This is great as I like to use natural products on my hair and skin where possible.  A lot of the time chemicals in products don’t stimulate growth or strengthen hair and I’d rather not have chemicals that I can’t even pronounce on my hair or skin. The ingredients are very simple and the natural oils include almond oil, castor oil, argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and olive oil. I have used a lot of these oils by themselves and although they work well, it was nice seeing how much better they work altogether. 

mammoth oils

In my hair routine…

After I wash my hair, I apply the oil to my hair and I make sure I get from the root down to the ends of the strand. After I braid my hair and let the oil sit in my hair. My hair does not retain moisture at all so I don’t need to wash out the oils, I just let it seep into my hair. After my hair has dried, I can notice the difference in my hair. My curls look healthy and my hair is shiny. Most importantly the ends of my hair don’t look like they are going to break and my hair looks strong and rejuvenated. What I love about the bottle is that it comes with a pump. Since I don’t normally have one, the oil can be really messy. However, the pump makes it easier for me to apply the product to my hair.

Overall, I love this product as it has everything I need in one bottle and it very convenient in terms of the pump.

mammoth oils
Do you use any oils in your hair? If you’re interested in checking out Mammoth Oils or have tried them before let me know in the comments or on Twitter.