3 Perfumes To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit

3 Perfumes To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit

You have your Christmas music, the lights, the tree. mince pies and then you have the scents. There are so many different things to indicate to start of this jolly holiday season. After what seems like a very short 2017, I’m so ready to get into the Christmas spirit and feel the festive fun. Smell is one of the strongest scents and can evoke memories and feelings of warmth – what better gift to give this Christmas. If like me you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, I’ve made a list of perfumes that are such a great gift to give to anyone. From your high street to your luxury scents, this list has something for everyone!

Starting off with number one of this list – the star of the show, the Clive Christian Addictive Arts Perfume range. This is one of the finest names in the UK for making an assortment of scents to tickle your fancy. Personally I love scents that are intense, full-bodied and spicy. This range has three different options with ingredients such as bergamot, neroli and vetiver to choose from. I’m sure you will find something to ignite the festive spirit within you or to be a perfect gift. 

Addictive Arts


Next up on the list is the Black Opium Fragrance by YSL. This scent is so strong that it lingers everywhere you go – in a good way. If you’re into mysterious and sexy smells this is for you. A glam rock fragrance full of mystery and energy with a mixture of pepper and floral smells. Whoever you get this perfume from will love you all 2018.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum for her 50ML  


Last up is something for everybody’s bank account. A staple that is sold year on year. The Beyoncé Heat Perfume is a fragrance that always delivers. It’s scent is both sweet and spicy and reminds of a Christmas Candle burning. Perfect for your Christmas and New Year’s parties and dos. One spray of this and you feel sexy, powerful and on fire. You won’t quite be Beyoncé but you’ll come close.

Beyoncé Heat Eau de Parfum for her 100ML


Here are my top 3 fragrances to give as gifts with varying price tags from the Clive Christian Addictive Arts Perfume, to Black Opium to Beyoncé’s Heat.

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Let me know if you’ve done all your Christmas shopping yet and if you’re getting anyone perfume this year? It’s one of my favourite gifts to get.



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