Melanin Bloggers

I created a little community called Melanin Bloggers. Where representation lacked in the main spaces I wanted there to be somewhere  bloggers of colour could see themselves and represent themselves. I think that diversity is important and not being represented in large spaces is disheartening and problematic. I want writers and bloggers to have somewhere that they could exist and where they could be the star of the show. It’s a growing community and the values of collaboration and empowerment are ingrained. Here’s to the growth and development of this little project. 

Checkout the Melanin Bloggers community on Twitter and on Instagram @MelaninBloggers. Don’t forget to share your posts with #MelaninBloggers or #MelaninYouTube.

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Melanin Business is a platform to widen the reach of black-owned businesses.

If you would like to share your business or product with bloggers of colour please get in touch at MELANINBLOGGERS@GMAIL.COM and we can work together. I offer social media management services and product photography.

Checkout Melanin Business on Twitter and on Instagram @MelaninBusiness. Don’t forget to share your posts with #MelaninBusiness.

Melanin Business and Melanin Bloggers are projects to promote representation and collaboration.